Destination Mozambique is excited about bringing you a once in a life-time/bucket list Bush & Beach walking experience in the Maputo National Park for a limited period of time between August and November 2023 to witness the incredible natural miracle of turtles laying their eggs as we walk along the coastline to preserve the precious breeding grounds of these beautiful creatures and to catch a glimpse of their incredible life-cycle

The journey offers memories that will last a lifetime and endless stories that can be shared about a soulful destination where guests tread softly and conservation is preserved…

Journey to a land that is filled with a cultural tapestry, a history mixed with raw authentic nature completely untouched & experience all that Mozambique has to offer and so much more.

Discover the diverse eco-regions of southern Mozambique that the park protects, from fresh lakes and grasslands to coastal forests and a pristine coastline. Maputo National Park’s tourism supports the local communities by creating employment prospects and uplifting local livelihoods.



Nestled in the core of Maputo Special Reserve’s coastal forest, behind the sand dunes and a few meters away from the long fine white sand beach and the turquoise sea, Membene offers the ideal base for both adventurous safari and laziness.

Explore the wild splendors of the Maputo Special Reserve surrounding you. Elephant, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, buffalo, exquisite bird sighting and many more are awaiting you!

Would you rather relax? Then the wild Mozambican coast at your feet invites you on kilometers of pristine beach, and the turquoise sea welcomes you to meet an exceptional marine fauna and flora: swim with dolphins, contemplate the multi-colored coral reefs and their countless inhabitants, dive and meet whales and whale sharks.



This eco-resort is located in an area of 3,500 hectares and consists of 20 bungalows / villas of various types, swimming pool, restaurant, conference room and service building. The walkways to the view points are spaces for admiration of the landscape and observation of local fauna.

A special highlight for its location – Maputo National Park. In this park guests will be able to spot elephants, hippos, crocodiles, red and grey antelopes, buffalos, monkeys, among others.





Arrive by plane or road in Maputo. Adventure starts at Maputo National Park.

RATES: $1100



Day 1l Safari Game Drive to Ponta Membene
Transfer by road from *Maputo International Airport to Maputo
National Park crossing over the largest suspension bridge in the Southern Hemisphere. Once inside the Park- the Safari adventure awaits… By travelling through a diverse biosphere and landscape in which elephant, zebra, giraffe, hippo and buffalo may be spotted. Enjoy an afternoon snack at the lake and a Mozambican dinner around a camp- fire at Membene.*(Transfer from Airport is not included and can be added to your package)

Day 2| Ponta Membene – Walk in the Bush
Wake up to the sound of the ocean and take the opportunity to start the day with a meditation, a breakfast bite of local bhajia and our favorite Gorongosa coffee and a 10km walk into the Maputo National Park. Listen to the guide tell stories of the Park as it struggled for existence in the War years and how it is slowly being revived day by day… Enjoy the diversity and immerse yourself in the rawness of the bush. Enjoy sundowners and canapes at the lake. End the evening around a camp-fire getting to know more of and engaging with the people of Mozambique.

Day 3| Ponta Membene to Ponta Milibangalala – Walk on the Coastline
A new day of adventure awaits as the walk moves from a bush set-up to the amazing coastline Start the day with a meditation, a breakfast bite of local pao and our favouriteGorongosa coffee. Begin the 10km beach walk to Ponta Milibangilala . Take in the majestic views of an unspoilt coastline- with the potential of spotting dolphins, whales or turtles make tracks up this coastline to nest. A brunch picnic awaits with a day filled with non- motorized water sport and beach activity. Drink the favorite local drinks along the coastline-, tipo tinto cocktails and community cultivated morula beer whilst enjoying a festive dinner on the best viewing deck area at Milibangilala.

Day 4| Ponta Milibangalala- Ponta Dobela
Your alarm clock is the sounds of the bush as the days activities begin. Starting the day with some meditation and yoga on the beach before the 10km beach walk to Ponta Dobela. Snorkel these reefs and come back to enjoy a late hearty breakfast in a deluxe beach resort that prides itself in how it has incorporated the bush and the beach into its offering.. Treat your body to a spa treatment or relax on the oversized loungers and RELAX! Enjoy a finale beach braai under the stars and to the sounds of the waves on your last evening in Mozambique.

Day 5| Game Drive Safari out of Maputo National Park, back to Transfer out to Maputo International Airport or drop off at vehicles parked at Maputo National Park entrance.