Gaza Province
Gaza Province is situated south of Manica province and north of Maputo, with South Africa to the west.   The area is made up of a flat green plain stretching along the mouths of the rivers Limpopo and Changane, rising only in altitude when nearing the South African border.

Xai Xai

The Capital of Gaza

The capital of Gaza is Xai Xai, which offers numerous attractions including beautiful beaches as well as the spectacular estuary of the river Limpopo and the vast extension of green wood land along the valley of the river.


The main ethnic groups are the Changana and the Chopi.


Tourism Highlights
The beautiful beaches of Gaza include:


Xai-Xai beach, 10Km from the capital of the Province. The massive reef parallel to the beach provides natural protection against the strong waves and at low tide, small pools are formed where gathering mussels, oysters and other shellfish is a favorite pastime.
Chongoene beach, 8 Km north of Xai-Xai beach, is very similar and equally attractive.
Zongoene beach, next to the mouth of the Limpopo River where fishing is popular.
Bilene Beach, near the shores of the vast Lagoon, south of the Province and 190 Km from Maputo, is famous for its transparent waters and fine white sands.